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Oregon Counselors Association (ORCA)

Researchers are slowly grasping that the well known, but historically ignored “placebo effect”, is not what it originally appeared to be. Long thought to be the result of gullible subjects, it was a nuisance to studies, although it also set … Continue reading

Lets Imagine You Feel Better – maybe it’s not just pretend?

It was WWII, and Allied forces were storming the beaches of Italy. Under heavy enemy fire large numbers of troops were injured. Medical supplies ran low, including morphine. A nurse working with an anesthesiologist named Henry Beecher, administered an injection … Continue reading

Parenting Tips

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Next Speaking Engagement

Don't miss our next speaking engagement on September 29th an 30th.
Hollis MacLean Wenzel and Dr. David Wenzel will be teaching the Business of Counseling class at Western Seminary Portland