Don’t Ingest Bath Salts

Okay, I know that sounds weird, but I had to try and get your attention. I feel compelled to make you aware of yet something else to worry about with your kids: Bath Salts.
They come in packages labeled Lovey Dovey, Cloud 9, Kush Blitz, White Lightning, Euphoria, and the like. They are nicknamed “plant food”. The packages are labeled “not for human consumption” which is the way they get around government regulation. Unfortunately that didn’t prevent the over 2,000 people who either called poison control or ended up in the emergency room in the first three months of 2011 from taking it. Actually, I can best summarize the concern with the following quote. I found this while researching the drug online. Perhaps you will be as chilled as I was:
“So I was in the military for five years, I got out about a year ago, (Honerably). Randomly stumbled on this scene and am loving it. Its like some one giving you the keys to a pharmacy. I know how dangerous things can get and have actualy become severely addicted to the perv, but it did get me off opiates, and p.v. addiction is much easier to handle than opiate withdrawl, so I’m actually pretty thankful.”
That is a direct quote from a posting on Well aware of the dangers, this person continues to use the drug. The drug can cause psychosis, and a common result is suicide.
I am writing about this to make you aware, in order that you can appropriately pass this information along to your families at the proper time. This drug is insidious because it is currently legal, very inexpensive, very effective in causing euphoria, and very deadly.
For all of us: don’t think your family or kids are immune. Two national spokespersons regarding the dangers of MDPV lost their 21 year old son last November – both parents are physicians.
So – keep the conversations going at home. Let your kids know they should always be concerned about what they are putting in their bodies, no matter what the social pressure or what their friends tell them.

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