American Kids Coddled: How to Help Your Kids Become Adults

Over the next two weeks Dave Wenzel will be presenting at Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring Oregon. The topic will be trying to facilitate developing kids into adults. Our culture tends to emphasize parents making sure their kids have great self esteem. The problem lies in the lack of substance behind that self esteem. Dr. Wenzel will break down self esteem into more useable concepts such as self worth, self control, and self efficacy (internal belief that you can overcome obstacles). If you are interested in this topic be sure to read “It’s Not About You” by David Brooks in the New York Times. After reading that article you’ll want to catch the skit “You Can Do Anything!” which captures the message to so many young adults – follow your passion and be mediocre. You can Dave’s presentation at 9:00 on April 22nd and 29th in the Family Matters group at Good Shepherd

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