They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I saw one the day after Thanksgiving that I have not been able to get out of my head. It is of a young man, maybe 20 (give or take 5 years), pushing what appears to be a homemade, wooden bicycle/transportation device, up a hill with all his worldly possessions on it. A prominent item appears to be sleeping mats. They look dirty, likely to be in worse condition than what my dog sleeps on. There are feet evident to the rear and other side of the “bicycle”. I am guessing these are girls/mother who are helping to push. The worst: on top of the whole pile of stuff is a baby, maybe 1 year old, looking as bewildered as a baby can look. The picture was taken just outside of a village in the Congo on November 21st.

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    Marilyn Fadenrecht says:

    Hello Dr. Dave Wenzel,
    I read your latest article in the Gresham Outlook about the people of Congo. I, too have a heart for them. I work(Adventist Medical Center/Laboratory) with a man who is from there. He has taken a few trips back “home” which several of us have helped support him in. Emmanuel loves Jesus and feels a call to minister to his people. Recently, his father passed away but because of the extreme danger, was unable to go back. An opportunity, through the church he attends, has risen to send a cargo container filled with clothing, to the area in Congo my co-worker is from. He is collecting items including clothes, shoes, etc… They want them for 60 degrees and above. If you, or anyone else you know is interested in donating, please contact me by email and I will get you information. Thank you.
    Both my husband, Allen, and I always enjoy reading your articles. You are a great encouragement to many!
    Marilyn Fadenrecht

    Kelly Sager says:

    Dave, I have made several trips to east DRC in the past year. I am going there again at the end of this month. Thanks for highlighting this forgotten country and its people. Blessings.

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