Embracing the Digital Age

As individuals, parents and professionals we struggle in our use of technology. What was promised to simplify our lives often ends up demanding our attention. Below are links to help you consider how to use technology, rather than it using you. These are articles, studies and webpage links that I have found helpful in navigating technology both personally and professionally.

“If your kids are awake, they’re probably online” This New York Times article discusses the finding of the Kaiser Foundations study into kids and average media time per day.

Click here for a page that explains how the Amish are very intentional about their use of technology.

Read about Linda Stones concept of “Continuous Partial Attention”. CPA is one of the more serious phenomenons that I am encountering with clients.

This article in the Health section of the New York Times addresses the topic of the impact of texting and the non-monetary costs. “Texting May Be Taking a Toll”

A blog in the NY Times considers how artificial light from screens may be disrupting sleep.

Constant use of technology can easily fill all our time so we don’t ever have to be bored. Is this a good thing? Click here to read thought provoking copy of a short sermon on the value of being bored.

“Background Music Can Impair Performance.” Click here for an article about listening to music while trying to do something, like homework.

This CNN article addresses the concern of the impact of technology on your brain. “Does Life Online Give You Popcorn Brain?”

This New York Times opinion column address the topic of Nature Deficit Disorder.

This time magazine article speculates about computers becoming more intelligent than humans. “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal.”

This Time Magazine Tech Section article address online addiction and the brain. Study Suggestions Online Addiction May Cause Brain Damage

An online discussion about the use of online communities in church settings

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