What makes a successful child?

Some variation of this question is a key issue for almost every parent.  We guide our children, help them, discipline them, encourage them, redirect them and worry over them all with the hope of helping them have a good life.

This article by Albert Bandura, although quite academic, is filled with wisdom.  I encourage you to close your other web pages, get a fresh cup of coffee, and try to digest it. Let me summarize four key points.  The development in a child’s belief in their own abilities (the key to success) is helped along by four things:

  • Mastery Experiences
  • Vicarious experiences of social models
  • Social persuasion
  • Moderating and interpreting somatic and emotional states

The article introduces these four points in Section I, and then unpacks them throughout.  Give it a read, it could positively impact your approach to parenting.

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