Family Connections uploads of slide presentations

Here are PDFs of the slides presented to Family Connections

Parenting Tips for Family Connections Parenting Tips PPT Slides from Open Q&A with Hollis and Dave Wenzel  presented May 15th, 2016

Power struggles with teens Presented April 24th, PPT slides 2016 by Dr. Dave Wenzel

Teen Challenges Presented May 1st 2016, PPT slides by Dr. Dave Wenzel

Example Driving Contract draft  This is an example of a driving contract for a new driver.  Email me if you would like a .doc version for editing.

Allowance pay stub  This PDF includes guidelines for Family Contributions (Chores) and Allowances, plus example “paychecks” for the kids.

Parents safe conversation sheet A conversation guide for talking with teens

Planning Retreat Template  This is an example agenda for an “Executive Marital Planning Retreat.”

Couples Conversation Cheat Sheet This is a conversation guide for couples discussions

master chore list generic This list is to help stimulate your thinking on how what Family Contributions your kids can make

Household Jobs Participation Chart This chart gives some guidance regarding what to expect from children at what age.  Not hard and fast rules, but helps to set expectations.


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