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10/19/17: Dark Side of Connectivity (Gresham Outlook)

08/13/17: A must watch for parents wondering what to do with dinner.

06/06/17: An Excellent Story to Share with Your Kids

04/30/17: Family Connections April 30th: Individuation or Misbehavior

04/30/17: Post and Outlook Column April 12th 2017

03/08/17: Digital Device Relationship Management for Parents

02/02/17: Statistics and Sustainable Marriage

01/31/17: Excellent Discussion on Apologizing

11/17/16: An Open Letter to My Own Children RE: Election 2016

10/26/16: Tis the Season to Want

06/28/16: ATTN: Video about adulthood strikes a truth

05/15/16: Family Connections uploads of slide presentations

02/26/16: Business of Counseling Links for WS Class

01/25/16: FBC Eugene Marriage and Family Summit: handouts, helps and links

01/11/16: DSM 5 Resources and helpful links

12/06/15: What makes a successful child?

12/06/15: Addicted to Distraction

11/26/15: Arm yourself, not only on Thanksgiving, but everyday

11/05/15: What do I do! Sibling Rivalry . . .

11/03/15: Children and Poverty

09/21/15: Debundled Parental Services

03/04/15: Embracing the Digital Age

03/03/15: Some thoughts on bickering children . . .

02/27/15: 50 Shades of Grey is not all that grey. It is pretty black.

01/13/15: Life in the Blender

10/18/14: Community Loving Shopkeeper will brighten your day: From Hollis

10/05/14: Blended Families

09/22/14: Real Life Need for Speed

05/06/14: Am I Supposed to Praise My Child?

04/27/14: Message at Mt Scott Church of God, April 26th, 2014 by Dave and Hollis

12/30/12: Wright’s Law – a must see mini documentary

12/29/12: Self Control and the Marshmallow Test

12/07/12: A Picture to Ponder This Christmas Season

12/05/12: Congo

12/05/12: Congo

11/12/12: Bigger Problems Than Lance

09/02/12: Hope Springs: A movie about Marriage Intensives

04/22/12: American Kids Coddled: How to Help Your Kids Become Adults

01/24/12: Let’s Set Our Sights Higher for Children

12/15/11: Holiday Survival Parenting Tip: Involve Your Children in Planning

04/22/11: Don’t Ingest Bath Salts

02/20/11: Technology and Spirituality

01/25/11: Tiger Mom Controversy

11/27/10: Raising Boys v. Raising Girls

11/16/10: Smart-phone apps to help your marriage?

11/05/10: Childhood Depression: When to Worry

10/29/10: Oregon Counselors Association (ORCA)

10/27/10: Lets Imagine You Feel Better – maybe it’s not just pretend?

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