Sexual Addiction Counseling

The following information is for clients who have determined that the focus of their therapy work will be on sexual addiction recovery.

An increasing number of individuals, both men and women, find themselves in a spiral of sexual tribulation. For some it is viewing media, for others it is fantasy, for many actual acting out, and for a significant number of individuals it is a combination of all of these.

Overcoming sexual addiction, and maintaining recovery, is a challenging task. We have found that a sustained commitment is necessary for success.  The following information outlines the structure of the approach that we utilize. Every situation is different, and the guides below are the basic parameters. This outline is offered to answer some frequently asked questions.

Step 1: Background history, clinical and personality testing: 4 hours ($400)Intake session: 2 hours, ($270.00).  Payment for step one is due at the beginning of the testing.

Step 2: Weekly sessions for 8 weeks
This phase focuses on the role that sexuality and sexual acting out plays in the life of the client. Your relationship with sex will be explored, how that relationship has developed, consideration of what is healthy and unhealthy for you, triggers for relapse, and the relationship between sexual behavior and emotions. Daily journaling is required through secure client portal, and additional therapeutic exercises will be discussed with therapist.

If you are in a relationship with a significant other, phase two may include a recommendation for you to have polygraph testing completed.  The process will be explained more in session.  The goal is to use the polygraph as a tool in your treatment and to rebuild trust in your relationship.  The polygraph is administered by a certified tester and is separate from our work.  A release of information will be required so that your therapist can receive a copy of the report and possibly talk with the administrator.

Payment for the eight sessions can be made as follows: 1/4 ($270.00) at the beginning, and every two weeks thereafter; 1/2 ($540.00) at the beginning and again at 4 weeks; or full ($1080.00)  at the beginning.   Payments are non-refundable. Cancellations for rescheduling need to be made 48 hours in advance.

Step 3: At the conclusion of these two steps the therapist and client will discuss progress and future planning. While it is impossible to predict the length of treatment in any given situation, clients who have a history of the above should anticipate treatment lasting 18-60 months. Depending on many factors individual sessions can be 2, 3 or 4 times per month (Never less than every other week). There may be adjunct activities such as support groups or reading.

Contact Dave (503-803-0444, or Hollis (503-577-5338, for more information.

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