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Arm yourself, not only on Thanksgiving, but everyday

It may surprise you to learn that I support open carry.  Read more here in the Sandy Post.

What do I do! Sibling Rivalry . . .

One of the most common concerns (and stress points) of any parent is when their kids fight between themselves.  Often this issue can be handled with some straightforward parenting tools.  Below are links to a powerpoint presentation that provides clear … Continue reading

Children and Poverty

Poverty is a scary word. It provokes images that frighten us at a base level: inadequate housing and deficits in the basic things – groceries, utilities, transportation. Certainly none of us want to live a life where we lack these … Continue reading

Statistics and Sustainable Marriage

As you are probably experiencing and aware of, as individuals and families we face an unprecedented pace of life and menu of options each day.  Pressures, some from the outside, and some created within ourselves, to manage it all, often … Continue reading

Debundled Parental Services

De-bundled Parental Services Recently I was attempting to make airlines reservations for my son to return to college. The web site indicated it was a “meal” flight. I was impressed, as I have not received a meal on a plane … Continue reading

Embracing the Digital Age

As individuals, parents and professionals we struggle in our use of technology. What was promised to simplify our lives often ends up demanding our attention. Below are links to help you consider how to use technology, rather than it using … Continue reading

Some thoughts on bickering children . . .

Not that My Kids Have Ever Done This . . . I’m writing about children bickering because other parents assure me that it is a common problem. I wouldn’t know, since my kids have never bickered (in the last two … Continue reading

50 Shades of Grey is not all that grey. It is pretty black.

If you’ve seen or are planning on seeing the film 50 Shades of Grey, I recommend reading Miriam Grossman’s reflections on the book and movie.  I share her concerns about the mind set regarding men and women and sexuality presented … Continue reading

Life in the Blender

Trying to combine families into a new configuration is down-right hard. Here is a parenting column in the Portland Tribune by Dr. Dave Wenzel regarding blended families.

Community Loving Shopkeeper will brighten your day: From Hollis

Ebola. ISIS. Violence. Elections. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with not so good news. I have developed the habit of intentionally exposing myself to some of the really good things that are happening in our world. These things get overlooked in … Continue reading

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