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Damascus Community Church Moms Group Valentines Day

Love language for lasting relationships

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Dark Side of Connectivity (Gresham Outlook)

Is it possible that all our connectivity is making us alone together?

A must watch for parents wondering what to do with dinner.

I’d recommend watching this video.  It reveals the unexpected heart of children.  (The link will open in a new tab, you can return here afterward if you like).  

An Excellent Story to Share with Your Kids

Children’s sports can be quite competitive, with the adults often fueling the competition.  Read this story about a girl’s softball team that decided to forfeit the game (breaking a 2.5 year winning streak) to do something better than win.

Family Connections April 30th: Individuation or Misbehavior

Family Connect Individuation v misbehavior PDF of slides used in presentation

Post and Outlook Column April 12th 2017

The Data Doesn’t Support It:  Children and Risks

Digital Device Relationship Management for Parents

Articles for Thought and Discussion Parents and Digital Device Management, London School of Economics and Political Science, 2015. The Good and Bad of Escaping to Virtual Reality, The Alantic 2/18/15 Social Media and Self Control, EurekAlert!, 1/2013 Kaiser Foundation 2010 … Continue reading

Statistics and Sustainable Marriage

As you are probably experiencing and aware of, as individuals and families we face an unprecedented pace of life and menu of options each day.  Pressures, some from the outside, and some created within ourselves, to manage it all, often … Continue reading

Excellent Discussion on Apologizing

Apologizing and forgiveness are two key elements in healthy relationships.  Reconciliation when wrong has occurred builds lasting relationships – and it is often based on an effective and authentic apology.  The article linked here is a very helpful discussion on … Continue reading

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