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Researchers are slowly grasping that the well known, but historically ignored “placebo effect”, is not what it originally appeared to be. Long thought to be the result of gullible subjects, it was a nuisance to studies, although it also set the gold standard for getting drugs approved through the FDA.

All professional counselors would benefit from staying up-to-date on the discoveries surrounding what is now becoming known as the “placebo process”, including the pharmaceutical industries discoveries regarding the “Therapeutic Ritual.”

If you are a professional helper or counselor I recommend that you don’t see another client until you have read the articles at the following links:

Placebos Are Getting More Effective. Drugmakers Are Desperate to Know Why.

Baylor College of Medicine: Study finds common knee surgery no better than placebo

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    Dave Ziegler says:

    Just a quick note from New Zealand. I was able to download the articles on your website and got a chance to read them on the plan over to NZ last night. Facinating and very helpful. I am already incorporating this information into my talks over here. It was a treat to run into you and I will be pursuing the theme in your articles and adding a section into my new book on using the prefrontal cortex for self healing. Thanks, Dave

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